"Losing a Friend, Rotarian, and Neighbor"

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16. 01. 31
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Keith Rathbun



"Losing a Friend, Rotarian, and Neighbor"





These past two years there has been a lot of change in my life and through that change I was able to have spent some time with my neighbor and Rotarian Keith Rathbun.  As most of you know, Keith was the publisher/owner of our local newspaper “The Budget.” He died unexpectedly at age 63 this past Tuesday. I am saddened by his loss and my deepest symphony goes out to his family as I know he was deeply loved.



Keith meant the world to the Sugarcreek Rotary as he was crowned the “Secretary Forever.” Every time I got a chance to talk with Keith there was always an encouraging word that came from his mouth. He has 100% encouraged me on my ideas, as he probably believed in me more than what I believed in myself.


His last words to me came through email after I had recently launched my “Investor Insight Newsletter” and read…


“Thank you Ryan… I look forward to checking it out.”


I know we weren’t able to talk about the newsletter but his encouragement has always driven me to challenge myself even more.  I know he would be here encouraging me today along my journey and telling me to make a positive impact in the world today.


He instilled in me that every business was formed from 1 great idea… that idea was to cast a “Vision.” With this “Vision” allow the foundation to be built.


To “The Budget”… remember and keep “The Vision.” With everything you do keep and cast “The Vision” and be willing to dream big dreams and take the “The Vision” to new heights.


Keith always jokingly said that “The Budget” will be the last newspaper standing… PROVE HIM RIGHT.


To Keith’s family… I am a Financial Mentor to my church and I see the hardest of hardest times. I don’t shy away from the tough moments in life. In High School, I had lost my best friend (my grandpa) and I know how hard it can be to lose someone you deeply love. Keep Keith in your heart and I believe heaven has a special place for him. It’s hard losing someone you deeply love, but be willing to open your heart to new relationships and allow the healing process to begin. As there is a special place that is something far more than the life on this earth… that special place is called Heaven.


Keith knew what a blessing we all have in the Life we are given and he knew how to directly make a community impact. You have placed a reminder in my life that we only have ONE LIFE to make a difference, and to live life to the fullest. We will deeply miss him…



I hope to see you soon… “My Friend, Rotarian, and Neighbor”



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