"A Heart of Gratitude"

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16. 11. 22
posted by: Ryan Rowe
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"A Heart of Gratitude"


With Thanksgiving coming upon us there is so much to be thankful for. It has been an amazing year and tomorrow is a day to reflect on all the many blessings we have in our life. Below is a short list of everything I am thankful for:


  • My Wife: Heather has been such a blessing to me. The art of becoming a husband  is one of the most rewarding experiences to go through… as I am so glad to have Heather in my life.
  • Becoming a Father: Yes this is the next chapter in our life. Baby Rowe is due in February and I am so excited for the addition to the family. (P.S. the Baby’s Room is painted already J)
  • My Family and Friends: There is nothing more fulfilling in life than the people you surround yourself with. You can fill your life with toys, money, and expensive gifts… but the relationships you build here have the “real” value that can last until eternity.
  • Service to Others: One of the best gifts we can give to friends and strangers is helping each other out. It may be taking time out help a stranger in need or maybe volunteering in your community.

This year take some time out of our busy life and reflect on what it is that you are most thankful for. We are all so fortunate to have so many opportunities and freedoms around us. Enjoy the Food, Family, and Holiday.







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