on 07 June 2016
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Five Steps to your “Financial Future”


Life happens and sometimes your “Financial Future” gets sidetracked. More than likely you will face some type of financial hardship in your life. It is good to have a solid plan on getting your “financial Future” back on track. Below are five steps for you to regain your “Financial Future”…

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on 09 March 2016
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Cross         Faith Finances



Faith and Finances: “How Do They Intersect?”



Monday’s will be dedicated to Financial Planning, as we tie in all topics from Money Saving Tips, General Financial Topics, and Faith and Finances….


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on 15 October 2015
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Stretching the Dollar 


 "Budget Boot Camp…. Where to Begin?"


Budgeting has gotten a bad wrap for being constrictive to our spending, but it can allow for a “Financial Future” by zeroing in on your income and your expenses. The next four steps are easy four steps that will help you begin your first budget...


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on 26 August 2015
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Stretching the Dollar             


   "It All Starts with the “B” Word"



First I want to say welcome to the… “Stretching Your Dollar” Blog. “ The blog will be concentrated on giving you practical financial guidance while helping you  “Spend Prudently” and “Save Wisely”. I hope I can give you new ideas and money saving tips, while making a difference in your financial situation. The first few points will be focused on starting to Budget, while taking more specific look into how to lower our utility costs...


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